Programs and Panels

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Area of Focus Program Title Brief Description
3D/Stop Motion Animation  3D Animation for Beginners  Students will learn the "Ins and Outs" of 3D and Stop Motion Animation. They will learn about the software, building of armatures and 2D animation.
Anime Anime Trivia!!! Think you know your anime? Come test your knowledge and be the first to answer! Using Kahoot It! Smart phone/Tablet not required but encouraged!
Anime Guess That Anime Song! From any anime opening, ending, and/or Original Soundtrack, do you have a good ear and got what it takes? Challenge Accepted! Prizes will be given!
Anime, Comics/Superheroes Freelancing in the Manga or Comic Industry Have you ever wondered about the process of manga localization? Or possibly want to work in the manga/comic industry? If so, then attend this panel!
Comics/Superheroes Superhero Science with Joy Lin Discuss the real life implications and scientific issues of having superpowers.
Comics/Superheroes Creating Comics from Thumbnail to Print and Beyond The basic steps of creating a comic book or webcomic as well as what to expect when working freelance in the North American comics industry.
Comics/Superheroes Geekfest Comic JAM Be a part of a collaborative comic where con attendees can draw a panel that tells an adventure!
Comics/Superheroes Artist Dojo Audience members ask questions (art related) and/or draw along with artists while they draw a comic panel for Comic Jam.
Comics/Superheroes, Cosplay Where's My Supersuit?  Part Two! Edna Mode will discuss supersuits in all their glory, hitting all the heros that she left out last time., as well as those nasty supervillians.
Computer coding  Scratch computer coding Presentation/workshop on Scratch computer coding to control robots, drones, musical keyboards.several stations will be available for handson training
Cosplay Cosplay Dating Show (18+) CALLING ALL COSPLAYERS! Who'll be lucky to be a non-canon ship? Just for play, not in real life! All players must answer in character!
Cosplay Cosplay Hollywood Squares Tic-Tac-Toe with a twist where two players go head-to-head answering nerd/geek culture trivia with cosplayer volunteers as spaces to match answers!
Cosplay Intro to Cosplay Everything you need to know to get started in cosplay.
Cosplay Moving wings Showing how to make moving wings going over the entire process on how to do it from back brace to feathers.
Cosplay, Fandom (specific), dance Harry Potter Yule Ball Enjoy an evening of music, magic, and more! Dress up or dress down for Harry Potter fun. Non-wizarding world costumes are welcome.
Cosplay, Fandom (specific), Harry Potter Hogwarts Common Room This would be a room designed to look like a common room for students at Hogwarts, the Wizarding school in the Harry Potter novels.
Cosplay, Fandom (specific), Live Action Role Play Wizarding in the Lone Star State Are ya'll looking for some home grown magical adventure. Meet with other Texas Witches and Wizards to see how we magic up with a Western swing!
Cosplay, Fandom (specific), Live Action Role Pay Sovereign Scrolls LARP Be a hero with this LARP group based here in Killeen!
Cosplay, Fandom (specific), Making/crafting Make Your Own Spell Book No Witch or Wizard should be without his or her spell book! Drop by the Hogwarts Common Room to construct your own. 
Cosplay, Fandom (specific), Making/crafting Spell practice Bring your wand or make one of your own to use as we learn the subtle art of spell casting.
Fandom (general), Fandom (specific), Tabletop Gaming, Card games Muggles to Muggles, The Great Wizard, and Other Magical Games Try your hand at Muggles to Muggles, The Great Wizard, and other card and board games modified for wizards, witches, and muggles alike.
Fandom (general) A Map Shows Maybes See maps of imaginary places, highlighting the intersection between Science Fiction/Fantasy and cartography, and analyzes the value of a map in SFF books. 
Fandom (specific), Game of Thrones Winter is Coming - Game of Thrones Trivia Explore the Game of Thrones underlying messages and parallels of climate change while testing participants knowledge with a fun interactive game
Fandom (specific), Book discussion I Love Harry Potter! What Do I Read Next? Are you looking for other books like those in the Harry Potter series? Here's your chance to find more great reading in magical settings.
Fandom (specific), Harry Potter Book and Play Discussion Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Readings, Discussion, and More! How do you feel about "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?" Come together to discuss how the play fits with the J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World.
Fandom (specific), Harry Potter Snitches get Stitches - a Harry Potter themed community quilting project Have a hand in the creation of a Harry Potter themed quilt to be a part of the silent auction.  
Fandom (specific), Making/crafting Make Your Own Star Trek Tribble Make your own Star Trek Tribble. Kits will be provided. Basic sewing skills required. 
Fandom (specific), Making/crafting Potter Doodles Pick up a pen and paper and learn to draw, doodle, and zintangle Harry Potter inspired characters, symbols, and more! 
Fandom (specific), trivia Quick Quotes from the Harry Potter Can you quote famous and not so famous lines from the Harry Potter books and related movies? Win snacks and glory with your magical knowledge.
Gaming Retro Game Room Play a variety of games from days gone by!
Geekfest themed basketball tricks/skills entertainment The Galactic Globetrotter Basketball skills and spin tricks demonstration and youth interaction with Geekfest theme.
LEGO racers and display Legos for Littles LEGO display, building wall and LEGO derby cars (based on space available)
Making / design 3D Printing in Cosplay Discuss how 3D printing can be used to create props as well as costume pieces for cosplay.
Making/crafting Make your own 3D models Want to make your board games come to life with your own action figures and modular boards than 3D modeling is for you.  
Other Cards Against Humanity Tournament Play the party game that rewards your sick sense of humor and encourages you to be politically incorrect. 
Other Get your stuff out there! (Making content for the web) Oniichan Productions is a group of media curators, entrepreneurs, and streamers. We make video, games, podcasts, streams, & multimedia for the masses.
Other Bird Watching: Gotta Spot Em All Learn why bird watching isn't just for retired folks and how you can get started and catch them all!
Princess Camp Princess Camp Princess camp is here to help you become the best princess you can be with several lessons on how to wave, dress, act, and drink tea like a princess! 
Robotics Shadetree Robotics Enjoy a Robotics Demonstration and learn how you can get involved.
Robots, drones, and radio control Robots, Drones, and Radio Control Radio control station for robots and micro-drones with video cameras
Science & Technology Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Demo See extremely small objects by using focused beam of electrons through a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).
Society for Creative Anachronsim The SCA, not just Medieval Recreation Info sessions about the actual activities of the SCA.
Society for Creative Anachronsim Welcome to the Current Middle Ages Discussion, questions and answers about reenacting the Middle Ages
Stand Up Comedy Inside Joke: Stand Up Comedy for the nerd in you I’d like to head up a group of Stand Up comics from here in Austin, TX that focus on topics that would be of interest to the Geekfest crowd.
Tabletop Gaming, D&D Dungeons & Dragons Room Playing of D&D in traditional and other games modes
Tabletop Gaming, D&D Dungeons & Dragons Players Panel Discussion of D&D Player character creation referring to race selection to include benefits and difficulties of that choice.
Tabletop Gaming, D&D D&D DM Panel This is a discussion for DMs about NPCs and their importance to the game
Tabletop Gaming Chess is Fun Whether you're a novice or beginner, play or learn at this hands-on session.
Tabletop Gaming Independent Game Demos We have two retail games, BurgerTime the Card Game, and There Be Dragons. There will be demos of both of these family friendly card games.
Tabletop Gaming Kobolds Ate My Baby Lityle, orange, furry creatures that go on missions for food for King Torg
Tabletop Gaming Maid: The Role-Playing Game Live the life of an anime maid in a ole-playing, table-top game! Enthusiasm is a must!
Tabletop Gaming Modern Adventuring Imagine if D&D was in the modern era and creatures evolved to look human.
Tabletop Gaming Creating a believable Villain II New and experienced DM's will work on elements for making a new villain in any tabletop game. Previous attendance not required.
Tabletop Gaming Re-introduction to Board Gaming I would like to to discuss newer board games and where families can start. 
Tabletop Gaming Using D&D As Autistic Group Therapy A team of therapists will share what they've learned about using D&D as a form of therapy.
Writing Prose Writing Novels and Working with an Editor The steps to writing a novel, various creative methods to use when planning your novel, and what to expect when working with an editor on your book.



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